CAC Takeaways: Reviews Sell Books

  If there was one thing I heard over and over from the many successful authors I met last weekend, it was that reviews are crucial to selling books. This is not a surprise to me–I’ve long had a feeling that reviews are an important part of an author’s currency. At Chanticleer Author’s Conference, I […]

CAC Takeaways: Robert Dugoni

Don’t get all excited, ladies. I don’t actually mean I took Dugoni away. Just a bit of his knowledge. This weekend I had to pleasure and opportunity to attend the first inaugural Chanticleer Author Conference. I’m still overflowing with inspiration and information, and as a way of unpacking everything I learned this weekend, I’ve decided to […]

My Dear Friend Bunbury

Well, it’s been awhile since I posted, and I thought I should share a little of what’s been happening in my web absence and what will be happening to further absent me from the web this month. About a week ago we returned from visiting our dear, ill friend Bunbury out in the country. (If you […]

Character Interview Blog Hop

Huge thanks to Eva Vanrell for inviting me to participate in today’s Character Interview Blog Hop! Eva is an: Author. Attorney. New Orleanian. Lover of Cherry Ring Pops. Confirmed Japanophile. Dreamer. Sometimes Obsessive. Blunt to a Fault. Wishful-Thinker. Tea and Anime Compulsive. Diehard. She lives in New Orleans with her husband, two cats and a Japanese maple. Eva’s debut […]

Today I Met Myself Twenty Years Ago

Today was another landmark day for me as a writer. I didn’t increase my sales rank on Amazon or reach my thousandth like on Facebook. What did happen was, to me, far more important in my progression as a writer. Today I met a young lady whom I was twenty years ago.  I was invited, by […]

Writing Process Blog Tour

I’ve been invited to participate in the Writing Process Blog Tour. This traveling tour occurs every Monday on multiple blogs and is an opportunity for writers to share a little about what, how, and why they write. Since I’m pretty much always blathering on about my writing process, participating in this blog hop was a no-brainer. I was invited to participate […]