DoQ II: Dream of a City of Ruin


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The tale of QaiMaj continues in this gripping sequel to Dream of a Vast Blue Cavern.

War simmering for three thousand years is poised to explode on the surface of QaiMaj. The outcome might free the scattered survivors of an ancient disaster from tyranny, or destroy them forever.

Torn from familiar caverns in the midst of her own war, stranded in the icy lands of Khell, Queen Stasia of Iskalon knows nothing of the conflicts shaping QaiMaj. Her only guides are legends told by a Khell Healer and her own prophetic Dreams of her people suffering in a dark, ruined city. Unwillingly allied with the man who destroyed everything she holds dear, struggling to define her identity in the face of so much loss, stalked and assailed by death-hungry Dhuciri, Stasia sets out across the vast wastelands of QaiMaj to reach the city of her Dreams.

But Svardark, the ruling dynasty on QaiMaj, already knows she has surfaced, and they will stop at nothing to find her in . . .

Dream of a City of Ruin

Dreams of QaiMaj Book II

Praise for Dream of a City of Ruin:

“I fell asleep with my glasses on and my tablet in my hands after reading for 18 hours.” AMAZON REVIEWER

“All the right ingredients of great storytelling . . .love and loss, war and peace, and the heartache and triumphs that befall leaders, regardless of nation and race.” JESIKAH SUNDIN, AUTHOR OF THE BIODOME CHRONICLES