Dreams of QaiMaj: An Epic Tale

Three thousand years ago, QaiMaj was a utopia of magic and science working together to create a Golden Era–until Baedan, a Maj ruled by greed, madness and selfish motives, destroyed every living thing on the surface of QaiMaj. The only survivors lived deep underground or far under water.

Today, the surface of QaiMaj is an oppressed place where little progress toward civilization has been made by the descendants of the survivors. The Living Memories of the Valley of Gairde hide in the northern mountains, protecting an oasis of life and the weapon that destroyed QaiMaj. The ancient Merreld hide under the sea, blind to the atrocities that haunt the surface. The once-great City of SoJing sits in ruins, its citizens slaves to the descendants of the very man who destroyed QaiMaj. The Dhuciri, the dark armies commanded by those descendants, patrol every bit of habitable land, demanding a tithe in lives to feed their grotesque powers.

But underground, the future of QaiMaj is stirring. Two kingdoms, their magic bound to ice and fire, vying for supremacy in the underground world, are about to come face to face with their history, and a place their ancestors taught them was only legend. Three women endowed with the power of foresight will change QaiMaj irrevocably–but will they save what life remains, or destroy it utterly?

Find out in . . .

Dreams of QaiMaj
An Epic Fantasy Series for Adults by Selah J Tay-Song